How it works

Making mental health services as accessible as possible


 Encircle Therapy tries to ensure that mental health care is accessible for as many people as possible

most fees will range from $15-90/session

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for those paying out of pocket

Sliding Scale

Treatment is provided on a sliding scale and costs are at reduced rates to our patients who are paying for services by determining a fee (based on your income, federal poverty guidelines, and on our Encircle Therapy Assistance Program).

Your therapist will provide more details during your consultation.


 For those with insurance

Insurance Coverage

Encircle is continually trying to get accepted by more insurance companies. Your insurance provider (if applicable) may have stipulations about co-pays or session fees.


Encircle Therapy therapists may accept the following insurances


Insurance coverage varies between therapists. Please check with your therapist during your consultation for more information about insurance coverage

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For those who can’t pay the full amount 

Encircle Therapy Assistance Program

Encircle Therapy aims to eliminate as many barriers of receiving mental health care as possible. As such, we provide low-cost and no-cost therapy for those with financial need through our Encircle Therapy Assistance program.

For more information, talk to your therapist at your initial consultation


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